About Urban Industry Launches

Since the world of sneakers became such a huge deal we’ve been stocking some of the major releases from all the big brands including Nike, Adidas, New Balance and many more. Over the years we've supplied many 'grail' shoes to our customers successfully.

Today, as demand far outstrips the supply we give you the Urban Industry Launches store. Here you can enter our ‘raffle’ style launches, a draw system and a fair way for you to have a chance to buy a pair of the these coveted sneakers.

As always, 1 Order Per person, per address. Multiple orders will be disqualified.

A credit card payment will be required for you to register your  entry to our draws, we will ‘Pre-Authorise’ your payment BUT we won’t draw the money down into our bank account.  We will only take the funds from your card if we pick you in the raffle draw.

If you are unsuccessful in any of our draws you will be notified by email and your funds will be voided and released from hold. Again we never receive your money unless you are successful. Please note it could take up to 5 days for the funds to be released by your bank back to your account, this unfortunately is out of our control.

Please remember that stock will always be very limited. Entry to the draw does not guarantee the chance to purchase and on each draw the entries are likely to be great. Please allow us time to process the raffle in terms of picking winners and alerting those that are unsuccessful.  We may not be able to answer every question related to the draw.

Most of all, Good Luck!